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Gene: C06G4.2   

Identity (5)
Gene_info Gene_classclp
Allele (5)
GO_term GO:0004197 IEA Inferred_automatically
GO:0006508 IEA Inferred_automatically
GO:0004198 IEA Inferred_automatically
GO:0005622 IEA Inferred_automatically
Structured_description Provisional_description (5)
Concise_descriptionclp-1 encodes a calpain homolog that has significant identity to mammalian calpains over its whole length and that contains motifs typical of calpains, including a thiol (cysteine) protease active site and a Ca[2+]-binding domain; CLP-1 is required, in parallel with TRA-3 but in series with ASP-3 and ASP-3, for degenerative (necrotic-like) cell death in neurons induced by mutations such as mec-4(d), deg-3(d), or gsa-1(gf).
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Reference WBPaper00005513
RemarkMap position created from combination of previous interpolated map position (based on known location of sequence) and allele information. Therefore this is not a genetic map position based on recombination frequencies or genetic experiments. This was done on advice of the CGC.CGC_data_submission