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CDS: C06G4.2a   

Structure Source_exons (14)
DB_info Database (3)
Protein_idC06G4 AAV588871
DB_remarkC. elegans CLP-1 protein; contains similarity to Pfam domains PF01067 (Calpain large subunit, domain III), PF00648 (Calpain family cysteine protease)contains similarity to Interpro domains IPR000169 (Peptidase, cysteine peptidase active site), IPR001300 (Peptidase C2, calpain)
Origin (2)
Properties Coding CDS
IsoformAccession_evidenceEMBL BJ124914
Visible GeneC06G4.2
Corresponding_transcript (2)
Corresponding_PCR_product (8)
Matching_cDNA yk1317a01.5 Inferred_automaticallytranscript_builder.pl
yk1110g05.5 Inferred_automaticallytranscript_builder.pl
yk11f10.5 Inferred_automaticallytranscript_builder.pl
yk1099f01.5 Inferred_automaticallytranscript_builder.pl
WB_RNAi_result (10)
GO_term GO:0008219 IMP Inferred_automatically
GO:0004197 IEA Inferred_automatically
GO:0006508 IEA Inferred_automatically
GO:0004198 IEA Inferred_automatically
GO:0005622 IEA Inferred_automatically
Variation (5)
Microarray_results (7)
Remark added new last intron and exon based on EST data - 01-05-07 js
added the first two exons and exon 12 based on EST data - 02-04-01 js
SL1 trans-spliced; see yk1317a01.5
yk1322d11.3 indicates there is an intron in the 3' UTR but the splices sites are very unusual - 02-04-01 js
removed an internal exon based on EST data(yk1317a01.3)[20041110 po]
this isoform is based on EMBL accession BJ124914