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CDS: C09D1.1a   

Structure Source_exons (34)
DB_info Database SwissProt SwissProt_ID UNC89_CAEEL
SwissProt_AC O01761
NDB GI_number 20198774
Protein_idC09D1 AAB541322
DB_remarkC. elegans UNC-89 protein; contains similarity to Pfam domains PF00018 (SH3 domain), PF07686 (Immunoglobulin V-set domain)(23), PF00047 (Immunoglobulin domain)(34), PF07653 (Variant SH3 domain), PF00621 (RhoGEF domain), PF02818 (PPAK motif), PF00169 (PH domain), PF05177 (RCSD region)(5), PF00041 (Fibronectin type III domain), PF07679 (Immunoglobulin I-set domain)(48)contains similarity to Interpro domains IPR003598 (Immunoglobulin C2 type), IPR011511 (Variant SH3), IPR007110 (Immunoglobulin-like), IPR003006 (Immunoglobulin/major histocompatibility complex), IPR000219 (DH), IPR003961 (Fibronectin, type III), IPR004168 (PPAK motif), IPR001849 (Pleckstrin-like), IPR009134 (Vascular endothelial growth factor receptor, VEGFR), IPR001452 (SH3), IPR000719 (Protein kinase), IPR011993 (Pleckstrin homology-type), IPR007850 (RCSD)
Origin From_laboratoryRW
SpeciesCaenorhabditis elegans
Properties Coding CDS
IsoformAccession_evidence EMBL U33058
Visible (13)