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RNAi: Cenix:145-c8   

Experiment LaboratoryTH
Author Sonnichsen B
Koski LB
Walsh A
Marschall P
Neumann B
Brehm M
Alleaume AM
Artelt J
Bettencourt P
Cassin E
Hewitson M
Holz C
Khan M
Lazik S
Martin C
Nitzsche B
Ruer M
Stamford J
Winzi M
Heinkel R
Roder M
Finell J
Hantsch H
Jones SJ
Jones M
Piano F
Gunsalus KC
Oegema K
Gonczy P
Coulson A
Hyman AA
Echeverri CJ
Date24 Mar 2005 00:00:00
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Remark early embryonic: Complex Phenotype
early embryonic: Both, pronuclei and nuclei at the 2 cell stage are small and often deformed. Pronuclear envelope breakdown seems to be out of synchrony with the rest of the mitotic events, resulting in defects in or complete lack of metaphase plate formation and subsequent chromosome segregation problems.
40-70% embryonic lethality. Some escapers die or arrest at larval stage, some develop into deformed adults.
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