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RNAi: Cenix:321-b3   

Experiment LaboratoryTH
Author Sonnichsen B
Koski LB
Walsh A
Marschall P
Neumann B
Brehm M
Alleaume AM
Artelt J
Bettencourt P
Cassin E
Hewitson M
Holz C
Khan M
Lazik S
Martin C
Nitzsche B
Ruer M
Stamford J
Winzi M
Heinkel R
Roder M
Finell J
Hantsch H
Jones SJ
Jones M
Piano F
Gunsalus KC
Oegema K
Gonczy P
Coulson A
Hyman AA
Echeverri CJ
Date24 Mar 2005 00:00:00
Inhibits Gene T05G5.3 Source_evidenceePCR921WS150 Sequence/Annotation Release
Transcript T05G5.3.1 Source_evidenceePCR921WS150 Sequence/Annotation Release
T05G5.3.2 Source_evidenceePCR909WS150 Sequence/Annotation Release
WB_Predicted_geneT05G5.3 Inferred_automaticallyRNAi_primary
WB_GeneT05G5.3 Inferred_automaticallyRNAi_primary
Gene_target (3)
Remark early embryonic: Passage Through Meiosis
early embryonic: Staining of fixed embryos with DNA dye shows that fertilization took place, and suggests that embryos are arrested during meiotic divisions. See also phenotypic description in Boxem et al., 1999.
Results (2)
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