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RNAi: Cenix:71-b3   

Experiment LaboratoryTH
Author Sonnichsen B
Koski LB
Walsh A
Marschall P
Neumann B
Brehm M
Alleaume AM
Artelt J
Bettencourt P
Cassin E
Hewitson M
Holz C
Khan M
Lazik S
Martin C
Nitzsche B
Ruer M
Stamford J
Winzi M
Heinkel R
Roder M
Finell J
Hantsch H
Jones SJ
Jones M
Piano F
Gunsalus KC
Oegema K
Gonczy P
Coulson A
Hyman AA
Echeverri CJ
Date24 Mar 2005 00:00:00
Inhibits Gene B0025.2 (2)
Transcript B0025.2.1 Source_evidenceePCR563WS150 Sequence/Annotation Release
B0025.2.2 Source_evidenceePCR563WS150 Sequence/Annotation Release
B0025.2.3 Source_evidenceePCR563WS150 Sequence/Annotation Release
WB_Predicted_geneB0025.2 Inferred_automaticallyRNAi_primary
WB_GeneB0025.2 Inferred_automaticallyRNAi_primary
Gene_target (4)
Supporting_data External_Movie (16)
Remark early embryonic: Cytokinesis
early embryonic: Increased cortical blebbing and furrowing after P0 cytokinesis resulting in unstable membrane seal and regression of cleavage furrow.
60-80% embryonic lethality. Escapers develop normally.
Results Phenotype Cyk
Phenotype_summary (7)
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