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Life_stage: Early_embryo   

Early_embryoContains Sub_stage 1-cell embryo
2-cell embryo
4-cell embryo
RemarkUsed to link DIC phenotypes in the very early embryo -- KCG
Definition1-4 cell embryo
Phenotype AB aster resembles P1 aster
AB or P1 spindle orientation aberrant
ABa, ABp and EMS divide synchronously
Aberrant AB or P1 spindle orientation
Aberrant cell-cell contacts at the four-cell stage
Aberrant nuclear reassembly
Abnormal blebbing
Abnormal one-cell shape
Abnormal pronuclei
Abnormal size of pronucleus
Altered cell-cell contacts
Altered timing of second division
Altered timing of second division (synchrony)
Catastrophic one-cell arrest
Cytokinesis defect
Cytokinesis problems
Delayed at pronuclear contact
Delayed P0 spindle rotation
Delayed P1 division
Division axis of ABa or ABp aberrant
Dramatic cytoplasmic blebbing
Ectopic cleavage furrows
Ectopic furrows
Embryos arrest at different stages
EMS divides after and is smaller than P2
EMS extends too far anteriorly
EMS fails to extend anteriorly
Exaggerated asynchrony
Exaggerated pseudocleavage
Excessive blebbing
Failure to form pronucleus
Granular cytoplasm
Indistinct maternal pronucleus
Large cytoplasmic granules
Loose mitotic furrow
Loose spindle
Multiple cavities
Multiple maternal pronuclei
Multiple nuclei
Multiple nuclei in 1, 2, or 4-cell embryos
Multiple paternal pronuclei or aberrant centrosomes
Multiple vacuoles
Nuclei reform next to cell division remnant
Osmotically/ pressure sensitive
P0 spindle absent
P0 spindle does not rotate
P0 spindle positioning defect
P0 spindle positioning problems
P0 spindle positioning problems (posterior)
P1 aster abnormal
P2 and EMS divide synchronously
Paternal pronucleus migrates
Polar bodies abnormal
Polar body reabsorbed
Pronuclear breakdown asynchronous
Pronuclear migration defects
Pronuclei can meet centrally
Pronuclei fail to migrate
Pronuclei meet more centrally
Pseudocleavage absent
Pseudocleavage problems
Reversed asynchrony
Slow cell cycle
Small embryos
Spindle positioning problems
Synchronous second division
Aberrant Cytoplasmic Structures
Asymmetry of Division abnormal
Centrosome Attachment abnormal
Chromosome Segregation (karyomeres) abnormal
Complex Phenotype
Cortical Dynamics abnormal
Egg Size abnormal
EMS divides before and is smaller than P1
Entry Into Interphase abnormal
Integrity of Membranous Organelles defective
Nuclear Appearance abnormal
Osmotic Integrity defective
Pace of P-Lineage abnormal
Passage Through Meiosis defective
Pronuclear/Nuclear Appearance abnormal
Severe Pleiotropic Defects
Sister Chromatid Separation abnormal (Cross-eyed)
Spindle Assembly abnormal
Spindle Elongation/Integrity abnormal
Egg shape/size abnormal
Osmotic sensitivity
P0 cortical ruffling abnormal
P0 cytoplasmic flows reduced/absent
P0 pseudo-cleavage furrow abnormal
P0 pronuclei: size/shape abnormal
P0 pronuclei: number abnormal
P0 pronuclear migration reduced/absent (female)
P0 pronuclear migration reduced/absent (male)
P0 pronuclear meeting position abnormal
P0 pronuclear centration absent
P0 pronuclear rotation
P0 pronuclear envelope breakdown delayed
P0 spindle assembly: bipolarity abnormal
P0 spindle integrity abnormal
P0 spindle elongation abnormal
P0 spindle rocking abnormal
P0 spindle positioning: asymmetry abnormal
P0 spindle poles abnormal
P0 cytokinesis: furrow specification abnormal
P0 cytokinesis: furrow ingression abnormal
P0 cytokinesis: completion/stability abnormal
P1/AB nuclear separation: cross-eyed
AB nuclear migration abnormal
P1/AB cortical activity exaggerated
P1/AB nuclei: number abnormal
P1/AB nuclei: size/shape abnormal
P1 nuclear migration/rotation absent/reduced
P1/AB spindle assembly abnormal
AB spindle orientation abnormal
P1/AB asynchrony of divisions abnormal
P1/AB cytokinesis abnormal
Four-cell stage: cross-eyed
Four-cell stage nuclei: size/shape abnormal
Four-cell stage configuration abnormal
Tetrapolar spindle
Yolk granules: density reduced
Yolk granules: size abnormal
Areas devoid of yolk granules
Unclear: multinucleate
Overall pace of events slow
Number/age of embryos atypical
Meiotic arrest
Inadequate test