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Gene: F11C1.6   

F11C1.6Evidence Paper_evidence WBPaper00003416
Identity (5)
Gene_info Gene_classnhr
Allele jm2389 Inferred_automaticallyFrom strain object: HL2000
ok645 Inferred_automaticallyFrom strain object: VC469
ku217 Paper_evidenceWBPaper00024419
Phenotype[M Asahina] jm2389 is mutagenized using TMP/UV and detected a deletion by PCR. This removes the coding region from Gly40 in the P-box of the first zinc finger motif to Ser377 in the middle of the conserved region II within the LBD (ref. Asahina M et al. 2000 The conserved nuclear receptor Ftz-F1 is required for embryogenesis, moulting and reproduction in Caenorhabditis elegans. Genes to Cells 5: 711). Phenotype is homozygous embryonic lethal at 1.5-fold to 2-fold stage. Balanced with +/szT1[lon-2(e678)] I; nDf19/szT1 X (strain MT1401)
Strain HL2000
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RemarkMap position created from combination of previous interpolated map position (based on known location of sequence) and allele information. Therefore this is not a genetic map position based on recombination frequencies or genetic experiments. This was done on advice of the CGC.CGC_data_submission