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CDS: F11C1.6a   

Structure Source_exons (10)
DB_info Database SwissProt (2)
NDB GI_number 3875724
Protein_idF11C1 CAA910281
DB_remarkC. elegans NHR-25 protein; contains similarity to Pfam domains PF00104 (Ligand-binding domain of nuclear hormone receptor), PF00105 (Zinc finger, C4 type (two domains))contains similarity to Interpro domains IPR001723 (Steroid hormone receptor), IPR000324 (Vitamin D receptor), IPR000536 (Nuclear hormone receptor, ligand-binding), IPR001628 (Nuclear hormone receptor, DNA-binding)
Origin From_laboratoryHX
SpeciesCaenorhabditis elegans
Properties (2)
Visible GeneF11C1.6
Corresponding_transcript (2)
Corresponding_PCR_product cenix:53-b7
Matching_cDNA (14)
WB_RNAi_result (14)
GO_term GO:0018987 IMP Inferred_automatically
GO:0018991 IMP Inferred_automatically
GO:0009792 IMP Inferred_automatically
GO:0040010 IMP Inferred_automatically
GO:0002119 IMP Inferred_automatically
GO:0007582 IMP Inferred_automatically
GO:0018988 IMP Inferred_automatically
GO:0040018 IMP Inferred_automatically
GO:0000003 IMP Inferred_automatically
GO:0007626 IMP Inferred_automatically
GO:0003700 IEA Inferred_automatically
GO:0006355 IEA Inferred_automatically
GO:0005634 IEA Inferred_automatically
GO:0003707 IEA Inferred_automatically
GO:0003677 IEA Inferred_automatically
GO:0004879 IEA Inferred_automatically
Variation ku217
Microarray_results (3)
Brief_identificationnuclear hormone receptor
RemarkAnnotated using Pfam