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GO_term: GO:0030286   

GO:0030286 Definition A large, multisubunit protein complex with ATPase activity, that is associated with microtubules and functions as a molecular motor to drive the movement of a diverse range of intracellular structures, such as endosomes, lysosomes, and mitochondria, along microtubules towards the centrosome. It is also attached to the peripheral fibrous components of eukaryotic flagella and cilia and is responsible for their movement; it may also play a role in the separation of chromosomes at cell division. The complex consists of two heavy chains (500 kDa), three or four intermediate chains (70 kDa) and four light chains (50 kDa).
Any of several large complexes that contain two or three dynein heavy chains and several light chains, and have microtubule motor activity.
Termdynein complex
Child Instance GO:0005858
Attributes_of MotifINTERPRO:IPR004273
Gene (2)
CDS F18C12.1
Index Ancestor (23)
Descendent GO:0005858