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Gene: T14A8.1   

Identity (5)
Gene_info Gene_classric
Allele (9)
Phenotype [Rand JB] Unc, small, slow growing, resistant to cholinesterase inhibitors
[M Treinin] suppression of deg-3(u662) induced degenerations, Coilers, Levamisole resistance, Aldicarb resistance, pharyngeal pumping defect, temperature sensitive growth
Strain (2)
Structured_description Provisional_description (4)
Concise_descriptionThe ric-3 gene encodes a novel, highly charged protein with two transmembrane domains and extensive coiled-coil domains; it is necessary for the function of at least four nicotinic acetylcholine receptors; specifically, it is needed for assembly or trafficking of the DEG-3 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor.
Molecular_info Corresponding_CDST14A8.1
Corresponding_PCR_product (2)
Corresponding_RNAi_reagent (4)
Experimental_info (4)
Reference (14)
Remark previously appeared as des-5
Sequence connection from [Halevi S, Treinin M]