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CDS: T25G3.3   

Structure Source_exons (8)
DB_info Database TREMBL Q22792_CAEEL
TrEMBL_AC Q22792
NDB GI_number 19171243
NCBI RefSeq NM_059713
Protein_idT25G3 CAA966892
DB_remarkcontains similarity to Pfam domain PF04981 (NMD3 family)contains similarity to Interpro domain IPR007064 (NMD3)
Origin (2)
Properties Coding (2)
Visible GeneT25G3.3
Corresponding_transcript (2)
Corresponding_PCR_product (3)
Matching_cDNA (63)
WB_RNAi_result (6)
GO_term GO:0040018 IMP Inferred_automatically
GO:0009792 IMP Inferred_automatically
GO:0040010 IMP Inferred_automatically
GO:0002119 IMP Inferred_automatically
GO:0040007 IMP Inferred_automatically
GO:0000003 IMP Inferred_automatically
GO:0007276 IMP Inferred_automatically
GO:0007626 IMP Inferred_automatically
Microarray_results (3)
Brief_identificationYeast nonsense-mediated mRNA decay protein like
Remark [020121 dl] Modified prediction based on EST yk795e01. Added in-frame intron [11136 11183]
[tsl] SL2 trans-spliced
[tsl] SL1 trans-spliced
Associated_feature WBsf000647