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RNAi: TH:340d5   

Experiment LaboratoryTH
Author (21)
Date16 Nov 2000 00:00:00
Inhibits (5)
Remark Phenotype comment -- Confirmed with independent dsRNA (K01G5.7-RNA2; similar phenotype). Phenotype could potentially be due to cross-RNAi inhibition of other tubulin genes (see BLASTN results). We note, however, that RNAi directed specifically against one other tubulin gene on chromosome III (C54C6.2; ben-1) failed to give rise to a phenotype, suggesting that the phenotype noted here may truly reflect a requirement for K01G5.7 function.
DIC phenotype -- Lack of male pronuclear migration; female pronucleus is usually located initially towards center of embryo or next to male pronucleus; sometimes 2 female pronuclei; lack of female pronuclear migration (where applicable, i.e. in those embryos in which the female pronucleus is located away from the male pronucleus); no bipolar spindle assembly.
All embryos dead
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