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Gene: VZK822L.1   

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Structured_description Provisional_description fat-6 encodes a delta-9 fatty acid desaturase that is predicted to be mitochondrial. Paper_evidence WBPaper00004149
Date_last_updated17 Jun 2004 00:00:00
When expressed heterologously in S. cerevisiae, it rescues the fatty acid auxotrophy of the yeast delta-9 desaturase mutant ole1.
FAT-6 readily desaturates stearic acid (18:0), or similar fatty acids (17:0 or 18:1 delta-11 trans), but shows less activity on palmitic acid (16:0), and no activity on other medium chain fatty acids (14:0 or 15:0).
This resembles FAT-7 while contrasting with FAT-5, which readily desaturates palmitic acid (16:0), but shows nearly undetectable activity on the common delta9 substrate stearic acid.
FAT-6 belongs to a family of diiron-oxo integral membrane proteins that use cytochrome b5 and NADH-cytochrome b5 reductase as cofactors, and whose protein sequences contain conserved motifs consisting of three histidine-rich sequences (H-boxes) and two long stretches (>40 residues each) of hydrophobic residues; the H-boxes are thought to coordinate the diiron-oxo structure at the active sites, while the hydrophobic stretches are thought to bind the lipid bilayer and put H-boxes into an active site.
Each histidine residue in the H-boxes is required for function when assayed by site-directed mutagenesis.
This gene encodes a protein predicted by Eisenberg and coworkers, with 52% accuracy, to be mitochondrial.
Proteins localized to a given organelle by experiments tend to share a characteristic phylogenetic distribution of their homologs, called a phylogenetic profile.
For instance, mitochondrial proteins can be identified effectively by their phylogenetic profiles.
By applying phylogenetic profile analysis to the C. elegans genome, Eisenberg and coworkers inferred that this gene, along with 2-4% of all the nuclear genes in C. elegans, encodes a mitochondrial protein.
The large fraction of organism-specific and eukaryote-derived genes suggests that C. elegans mitochondria perform specialized roles absent from prokaryotic mitochondrial ancestors.
Concise_descriptionfat-6 encodes a delta-9 fatty acid desaturase that is predicted to be mitochondrial.
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Experimental_info RNAi_result Cenix:213-g3
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