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RNAi: WBRNAi00038539   

SpeciesCaenorhabditis elegans
Experiment LaboratoryMH
Author (3)
Date01 Sep 2004 00:00:00
Inhibits WB_Predicted_gene F11C1.6a Inferred_automaticallyRNAi_primary
F11C1.6b Inferred_automaticallyRNAi_primary
WB_GeneF11C1.6 Inferred_automaticallyRNAi_primary
Gene_target F11C1.6a WormbaseBLASTBLAST_wormbase_primary
F11C1.6b WormbaseBLASTBLAST_wormbase_primary
F11C1.6 WormbaseBLASTBLAST_wormbase_primary
RemarkFor tissue-specific RNAi, the first 0.9 kb of nhr-25 coding sequence was fused in the sense and antisense orientations to the col-10 promoter, which is expressed in epidermal cells during embryonic and larval stages. Both constructs were injected at 50 ng/mkl, and a sur-5::gfp transcriptional fusion construct was used as a coinjection marker.
Results Phenotype Egl (2)
Mlt Remarkn=191
Morphology defect RemarkAnimals expressing the pcol-10::nhr-25 sense and antisense constructs in sid-1(qt-2) background sometimes had a shorter body length and were more severely defective in the posterior end.
Phenotype_summary (7)