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CDS: Y47G6A.10   

Structure Source_exons (9)
DB_info Database TREMBL (2)
NDB GI_number 31746566
NCBI RefSeq NM_058764
Protein_idY47G6A AAF606602
DB_remarkC. elegans SPG-7 protein; contains similarity to Pfam domains PF06480 (FtsH Extracellular), PF00004 (ATPase family associated with various cellular activities (AAA)), PF01434 (Peptidase family M41)contains similarity to Interpro domains IPR003959 (AAA ATPase, central region), IPR005936 (Peptidase M41, FtsH), IPR003960 (AAA-protein subdomain), IPR000642 (Peptidase M41), IPR003593 (AAA ATPase), IPR011546 (Peptidase M41, FtsH extracellular)
Origin From_laboratoryRW
SpeciesCaenorhabditis elegans
Properties Coding (2)
Visible GeneY47G6A.10
Corresponding_PCR_product (6)
Corresponding_RNAi_reagent Cenix:76-d12
Matching_cDNA (10)
RNAi_result (7)
WB_RNAi_result (9)
GO_term GO:0009792 IMP Inferred_automatically
GO:0040010 IMP Inferred_automatically
GO:0002119 IMP Inferred_automatically
GO:0040007 IMP Inferred_automatically
GO:0040016 IMP Inferred_automatically
GO:0000003 IMP Inferred_automatically
GO:0000166 IEA Inferred_automatically
GO:0017111 IEA Inferred_automatically
GO:0005524 IEA Inferred_automatically
GO:0004222 IEA Inferred_automatically
GO:0030163 IEA Inferred_automatically
GO:0016020 IEA Inferred_automatically
GO:0008270 IEA Inferred_automatically
GO:0016021 IEA Inferred_automatically
GO:0006508 IEA Inferred_automatically
Variation (2)
Microarray_results (5)
Remark SL1 trans-spliced; see ESTs cm9g11 and cm21f8
removed an exon(44497 44706) based on OST data(OSTR090B12_1) [20030609 po]