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Gene/ORF B0379.3 (mut-16) Ace View of B0379.3
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Description  mut-16 encodes a glutamine/asparagine (Q/N)-rich domain-containing protein that lacks obvious homologs outside of other nematode species; MUT-16 activity is required for RNA-mediated interference (RNAi), transgene silencing in germ-line and somatic tissues, and for maintaining low levels of transposon mobilization; MUT-16 is thus predicted to play a role in chromatin organizataion and/or regulation of gene expression.
GO Terms  RNA interference (GO:0016246) ; gene silencing (GO:0016458) ; cytoplasm (GO:0005737) ; nucleus (GO:0005634) ; molecular_function unknown (GO:0005554)
Location   I:10079745..10086088
RNAi Phenotypes No phenotypes observed.
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Wild Type RNAi Experiments
Cenix:145-f8 WT
Cenix:18-e1 WT
JA:B0379.3 WT
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