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Gene/ORF C03D6.3 (cel-1) Ace View of C03D6.3
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Description  cel-1 encodes a mRNA capping enzyme, with a N-terminal region with RNA triphosphatase activity and a C-terminal region containing motifs found in yeast and vaccinia virus capping enzyme guanylytransferases; cel-1 is required for embryonic viability, body morphology, and vulval development.
Homology Group (KOG)  mRNA capping enzyme, guanylyltransferase (alpha) subunit
GO Terms  mRNA capping (GO:0006370) ; intracellular (GO:0005622) ; RNA dependent ATPase activity (GO:0008186) ; protein tyrosine/serine/threonine phosphatase activity (GO:0008138) ; protein amino acid dephosphorylation (GO:0006470) ; mRNA guanylyltransferase activity (GO:0004484) ; mRNA processing (GO:0006397) ; protein phosphatase activity (GO:0004721)
Location   I:9664852..9669052
RNAi Phenotypes
Early_embryo Granular cytoplasm
Postembryonic Slu ; WT_postembryonic_morphology
Larva Lva ; Mlt ; Gro
Adult Dpy ; Dpy ; Dpy ; Bmd ; Bmd ; Sck ; Ste ; Unc ; Rup ; Stp
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Associated RNAi Experiments View Details
Wild Type RNAi Experiments
[cgc5655]:tph-1:C03D6.3 WT
[cgc5655]:tub-1:C03D6.3 WT
[cgc5655]:daf-2:C03D6.3 WT
Cenix:234-d2 WT
Experiments with Non-Wild Phenotypes
[cgc5655]:C03D6.3 Unclassified
JA:C03D6.3 Bmd ; Dpy ; Mlt
Simmer:C03D6.3:Screen_A Bmd ; Dpy ; Lva ; Slu
Simmer:C03D6.3:Screen_B Dpy ; Emb ; Gro ; Rup ; Stp ; Unc
Cenix:22-b2 Emb ; WT_postembryonic_morphology
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