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Gene/ORF F11E6.5 (elo-2) Ace View of F11E6.5
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Description  The elo-2 gene encodes a palmitic acid elongase, homologous to polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) elongases such as ELO-1, that is required for normally rapid growth, normally large body size, fertility, and for the quantitative regulation of the ultradian defecation rhythm; the joint action of ELO-2 with ELO-1 is strongly required for 20-carbon PUFA production and for general viability; elo-2 is most strongly expressed in intestinal cells, as well as other tissues such as the ventral nerve cord, pharyngeal muscles, uterus, and tail.
Homology Group (KOG)  Long chain fatty acid elongase
GO Terms  integral to membrane (GO:0016021)
Location   IV:17465618..17467763
RNAi Phenotypes
Postembryonic Reproductive defect ; Reproductive defect
Larva Gro ; Gro ; Gro
Adult Sck
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Wild Type RNAi Experiments
Cenix:74-e2 WT
Experiments with Non-Wild Phenotypes
[cgc5655]:tub-1:F11E6.5 Unclassified
[cgc5655]:tph-1:F11E6.5 Unclassified
JA:F11E6.5 Gro
[cgc5655]:daf-2:F11E6.5 Unclassified
Simmer:F11E6.5 Gro
[cgc5655]:F11E6.5 Unclassified
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