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Description  gpb-1 encodes a heterotrimeric G protein beta subunit that is required during embryonic development for the proper orientation of the mitotic spindle during early cell divisions and thus affects the orientation of early cell division axes, and is also required for larval viability, negatively regulates locomotion and egg-laying, and may affect germline development and osmotic balance; expressed in early embryos with highest expression at cell membranes and colocalizes with asters just before and during early cell divisions (this localization is dependent upon G alpha subunits); adults display high levels of expression in neurons with lower expression in the somatic gonad, vulva, and hypodermal seam cells and expression is also detected in the intestine, pharynx, body wall muscles and in the germline.
Homology Group (KOG)  G-protein beta subunit
GO Terms  embryonic development (GO:0009790) ; mitotic spindle orientation (GO:0000132) ; negative regulation of locomotion (GO:0040013) ; regulation of oviposition (GO:0046662) ; heterotrimeric G-protein complex (GO:0005834) ; signal transducer activity (GO:0004871) ; G-protein coupled receptor protein signaling pathway (GO:0007186)
Location   II:11742322..11748125
RNAi Phenotypes
Early_embryo Pnm
Adult Unc ; Ste
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Experiments with Non-Wild Phenotypes
Simmer:F13D12.7 Emb ; Unc
JA:F13D12.7 Emb ; Ste
Cenix:200-h5 Emb ; Pnm
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