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Gene/ORF F44B9.7 (pqn-38) Ace View of F44B9.7
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Description  The protein product of this gene is predicted to contain a glutamine/asparagine (Q/N)-rich ('prion') domain, by the algorithm of Michelitsch and Weissman (as of the WS77 release of WormBase, i.e., in wormpep77).
Homology Group (KOG)  Replication factor C, subunit RFC5
Location   III:8024734..8028366
RNAi Phenotypes
Early_embryo Pace of P-Lineage abnormal
Postembryonic Pch ; WT_postembryonic_morphology
Larva Gro
Adult Dpy ; Unc ; Rup
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Associated RNAi Experiments View Details
Wild Type RNAi Experiments
TH:305E9 WT
Experiments with Non-Wild Phenotypes
Simmer:F44B9.7 Dpy ; Emb ; Gro
TH:305D9 Emb
Cenix:305-e9 Emb ; Pace of P-Lineage abnormal
JA:F44B9.7 Emb ; Pch ; Rup ; Unc
Cenix:305-d9 Emb ; WT_postembryonic_morphology
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