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Description  lin-42 encodes a PAS domain-containing protein orthologous to the insect and mammalian Period proteins that function in the timing of circadian rhythms; during postembryonic development, lin-42 activity is required for the switch from larval to adult fates that occurs in the hypodermal seam cells during the fourth and final molt; as a component of the heterochronic pathway, genetic analysis suggests that lin-42 likely acts early in the heterochronic pathway, either downstream of or in parallel to lin-46, which encodes a predicted scaffolding protein required for L3- and adult-specific cell fates; during larval development, lin-42 mRNA levels oscillate with peak levels apparent during larval intermolts and low levels seen during ecdysis and after the L4-to-adult molt; a rescuing LIN-42::GFP fusion protein is expressed in lateral hypodermal cells, the hypodermal syncytium, and head and tail hypodermal cells beginning during late embryogenesis and continuing through adulthood; within cells, LIN-42 is detected at generally higher levels in nuclei than in cytoplasm, although expression in the latter is enhanced during the larval molts.
GO Terms  regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent (GO:0006355) ; signal transduction (GO:0007165) ; signal transducer activity (GO:0004871)
Location   II:1233556..1244441
RNAi Phenotypes
Adult Dpy ; Dpy ; Dpy ; Dpy ; Egl ; Egl ; Egl ; Pvl ; Pvl ; Unc ; Rup ; Rup ; Rup
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Associated RNAi Experiments View Details
Wild Type RNAi Experiments
Cenix:162-a6 WT
JA:F47F6.1 WT
Cenix:162-h5 WT
JA:F47F6.2 WT
Experiments with Non-Wild Phenotypes
Cenix:246-b9 Dpy
Simmer:F47F6.2:Screen Dpy ; Egl ; Rup
Simmer:F47F6.2:Repeat_a Rup ; Unc
Simmer:F47F6.1:Repeat_a Dpy ; Egl ; Pvl
Simmer:F47F6.1:Screen Dpy ; Egl ; Pvl ; Rup
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