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Gene/ORF H06O01.1 (pdi-3) Ace View of H06O01.1
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Description  pdi-3 encodes a protein disulfide isomerase (PDI) required for normal cuticle collagen deposition and, subliminally, for maintenance of normal body shape; PDI-3 has both PDI and calcium-dependent transglutaminase activity in vitro, crosslinking proteins through a gamma-glutamyl epsilon-lysine dual residue; PDI-3 is homologous to the human PDI ERp60, as well as a homolog in the dog heartworm Dirofilaria immitis that is required for larval molting; the joint PDI/transglutaminase activity of PDI-3 is biochemically conserved in nematodes and mammals; pdi-3 is constitutively and broadly expressed, particularly in gut and hypodermis.
Homology Group (KOG)  Protein disulfide isomerase (prolyl 4-hydroxylase beta subunit)
GO Terms  isomerase activity (GO:0016853) ; endoplasmic reticulum (GO:0005783) ; electron transporter activity (GO:0005489) ; electron transport (GO:0006118)
Location   I:7015507..7021199
RNAi Phenotypes
Adult Sma ; Sma
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Wild Type RNAi Experiments
JA:H06O01.1 WT
Simmer:H06O01.1:Screen_B WT
Cenix:148-h8 WT
Experiments with Non-Wild Phenotypes
Simmer:H06O01.1:Repeat_b Sma
Simmer:H06O01.1:Screen_A Sma
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