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Gene/ORF M142.1 (unc-119) Ace View of M142.1
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Description  unc-119 encodes a novel protein that is highly conserved amongst metazoans; unc-119 activity is required for proper development of the nervous system, including axonal branching and fasciculation, and hence, for normal movement, chemosensation, and feeding; unc-119 is expressed pan-neuronally beginning in the early embryo (~60 cells) and continuing through adulthood; although the molecular function of UNC-119 is not yet known, human UNC119, which can rescue C. elegans unc-119 mutant animals, is reported to function as a receptor-associated activator of signal transduction; thus, UNC-119 may be part of a signal transduction pathway that mediates axonal patterning in response to external developmental cues.
Homology Group (KOG)  Photoreceptor synaptic vesicle protein HRG4/UNC-119
GO Terms  locomotion (GO:0040011) ; chemosensory behavior (GO:0007635) ; feeding behavior (GO:0007631) ; negative regulation of axon extension (GO:0030517) ; axon (GO:0030424) ; molecular_function unknown (GO:0005554)
Location   III:10905947..10909137
RNAi Phenotypes No phenotypes observed.
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TH:324A11 WT
Cenix:324-a11 WT
JA:M142.1 WT
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