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Gene/ORF R06C7.7 (lin-61) Ace View of R06C7.7
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Description  lin-61 encodes a protein that contains mbt repeats and has similarity to the Drosophila Polycomb group protein Sex Comb on Midleg and human protein H-l-(3)mbl-like; by homology, LIN-61 is predicted to function as part of a transcriptional regulatory complex that may play a role in transcriptional repression during development; loss of lin-61 activity via RNAi and forward mutations indicates that LIN-61 is required for: 1) genome stability in the soma and germline, and 2) postembryonic developmental processes such as vulval development, in which lin-61 acts as a class B synthetic multivulval (SynMuv) gene.
Homology Group (KOG)  Polycomb group protein SCM/L(3)MBT (tumor-supressor in Drosophila and humans)
GO Terms  regulation of transcription (GO:0045449) ; nucleus (GO:0005634)
Location   I:7248428..7251653
RNAi Phenotypes No phenotypes observed.
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JA:R06C7.7 WT
Cenix:149-d4 WT
PF:GL1_6D11 WT
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