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Gene/ORF T04A8.14 (emb-5) Ace View of T04A8.14
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Description  emb-5 encodes the C. elegans ortholog of the Spt6 family of RNA polymerase II transcription elongation factors; first identified in screens for temperature-sensitive embryonic lethal mutations, emb-5 is required for the correct timing of the second E (endoderm)-cell division in the early embryo and thus, for normal embryonic gastrulation; in addition, emb-5 activity is required postembryonically for proper gonad development; in yeast two-hybrid studies, EMB-5 interacts with the intracellular domains of LIN-12 and GLP-1, suggesting that EMB-5 functions as a positive downstream effector in Notch-like signaling pathways during C. elegans development; emb-5 mRNA is most abundant during embryonic stages, with lower levels apparent during the L1-L3 larval stages, and even lower levels observed during L4.
Homology Group (KOG)  Transcription elongation factor SPT6
GO Terms  RNA binding (GO:0003723) ; intracellular signaling cascade (GO:0007242) ; hydrolase activity, acting on ester bonds (GO:0016788) ; nucleobase, nucleoside, nucleotide and nucleic acid metabolism (GO:0006139)
Location   III:4714855..4721027
RNAi Phenotypes
Early_embryo Pseudocleavage problems ; P0 spindle positioning problems (posterior) ; Polar bodies abnormal
Postembryonic WT_postembryonic_morphology
Larva Lva
Adult Sck
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Associated RNAi Experiments View Details
Wild Type RNAi Experiments
Cenix:300-a9 WT
TH:314G1 WT
Experiments with Non-Wild Phenotypes
JA:T04A8.14 Emb ; Sck
Cenix:314-g1 Emb ; WT_postembryonic_morphology
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