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Description  The T22B11.5 gene encodes an ortholog of the human gene OGDH, which when mutated leads to alpha-ketoglutarate deficiency (OMIM:203740); the T22B11.5 protein is predicted to be mitochondrial with 68% accuracy.
Homology Group (KOG)  2-oxoglutarate dehydrogenase, E1 subunit
GO Terms  oxoglutarate dehydrogenase (lipoamide) activity (GO:0004591) ; thiamin pyrophosphate binding (GO:0030976) ; glycolysis (GO:0006096) ; oxidoreductase activity, acting on the aldehyde or oxo group of donors, disulfide as acceptor (GO:0016624) ; metabolism (GO:0008152)
Location   IV:4696508..4704402
RNAi Phenotypes
Postembryonic aldicarb_resistant
Larva Let ; Let ; Lva ; Gro
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Associated RNAi Experiments View Details
Wild Type RNAi Experiments
WBRNAi00060929 WT
Experiments with Non-Wild Phenotypes
WBRNAi00060930 aldicarb_resistant
JA:T22B11.5 Emb ; Gro
WBRNAi00060932 Let
Simmer:T22B11.5 Emb ; Lva
WBRNAi00060931 Let
Cenix:62-c10 Emb
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