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Gene/ORF W05E10.3 (ceh-32) Ace View of W05E10.3
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Description  ceh-32 encodes a Six/sine oculis-type homeodomain protein most closely related to the Six3/6 subfamily that contains Drosophila OPTIX and human SIX3 (OMIM:603714, which when mutated leads to holoprosencephaly 2); CEH-32 appears to be essential for development and required for proper head morphogenesis; during embryogenesis, CEH-32 is expressed in hypodermal and neuronal precursors, and at later stages, in the descendants of these cells and in gonadal sheath cells; in some hypodermal cells, ceh-32 is a direct transcriptional target of VAB-3, a PAX-6 ortholog sufficient to induce ceh-32 expression in some cell types and able to bind the ceh-32 promoter in vitro.
Homology Group (KOG)  Transcription factor SIX and related HOX domain proteins
GO Terms  post-embryonic morphogenesis (GO:0009886) ; regulation of transcription (GO:0045449) ; nucleus (GO:0005634) ; transcription factor activity (GO:0003700) ; DNA binding (GO:0003677) ; regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent (GO:0006355) ; development (GO:0007275)
Location   V:11703951..11708391
RNAi Phenotypes
Larva Lva ; Lva
Adult Sck ; Unc ; Unc
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Wild Type RNAi Experiments
Cenix:141-d10 WT
Experiments with Non-Wild Phenotypes
Simmer:W05E10.3 Emb ; Lva ; Unc
JA:W05E10.3 Unc
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