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Gene/ORF W06F12.1 (lit-1) Ace View of W06F12.1
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Description  lit-1 encodes a serine threonine protein kinase homolog related to the Drosophila protein Nemo that is required for embryonic viability, plays a central role in controlling the asymmetry of cell divisions during embryogenesis, and affects EMS, MS, and C lineages; acts downstream of mom-2 with respect to polarity defects and mediates larval cell fate decisions that involve POP-1, and is expressed in most embryonic and larval cells.
GO Terms  asymmetric cytokinesis (GO:0008356) ; embryonic development (GO:0009790) ; Wnt receptor signaling pathway (GO:0016055) ; protein serine/threonine kinase activity (GO:0004674) ; kinase activity (GO:0016301) ; MAP kinase activity (GO:0004707) ; ATP binding (GO:0005524) ; protein amino acid phosphorylation (GO:0006468) ; protein kinase activity (GO:0004672) ; protein-tyrosine kinase activity (GO:0004713)
Location   III:13701109..13724317
RNAi Phenotypes
Postembryonic WT_postembryonic_morphology
Larva Let
Adult Pvl ; Ste
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Experiments with Non-Wild Phenotypes
TH:321A8 Emb
Cenix:321-a8 Emb ; WT_postembryonic_morphology
Simmer:W06F12.1 Emb
JA:W06F12.1 Emb
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