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Gene/ORF Y110A7A.1 (hcp-6) Ace View of Y110A7A.1
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Description  hcp-6 encodes a HEAT motif-containing protein that displays similarity to the XCAP-D2/CNAP1/Cnd1/YCS4 family of proteins that are homologous to the condensin complex subunit 1; HCP-6 activity is required during mitosis for some aspects of mitotic chromosome condensation, attachment of microtubules to kinetochores, mitotic chromosome alignment, and mitotic sister chromatid segregation; during interphase, HCP-6 is detectable in a punctate pattern in the nucleoplasm; at prophase, HCP-6 becomes associated with condensed chromosomes, colocalizing with the centromeric component HCP-3; HCP-6 localization to chromosomes depends upon the activity of HCP-3 and HCP-4, a C. elegans CENP-C-like protein.
Homology Group (KOG)  Uncharacterized conserved protein related to condensin complex subunit 1
GO Terms  mitotic chromosome segregation (GO:0000070) ; mitotic chromosome condensation (GO:0007076) ; attachment of spindle microtubules to kinetochore during mitosis (GO:0051315) ; embryonic development (sensu Animalia) (GO:0009792) ; nucleoplasm (GO:0005654) ; condensed chromosome (GO:0000793) ; condensed chromosome, pericentric region (GO:0000779) ; condensin complex (GO:0000796) ; binding (GO:0005488)
Location   I:5164760..5171704
RNAi Phenotypes
Early_embryo Sister Chromatid Separation abnormal (Cross-eyed)
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Embryonic Phenotypes  Emb Penetrance None reported
Adult Phenotypes  Sister Chromatid Separation abnormal (Cross-eyed)
RNAi Reagent Name & Type Cenix:76-f6 (PCR reagent)
Delivery Method  Injection
Remark  early embryonic: Sister Chromatid Separation (Cross-eyed)
Laboratory  TH
Date  2005-3-24
Reference  Sonnichsen B et al. (2005) Nature "Full-genome RNAi profiling of early embryogenesis in Caenorhabditis ...."
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