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Gene/ORF Y39H10A.3 (mtm-9) Ace View of Y39H10A.3
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Description  cup-10 is an uncloned locus that affects endocytosis by coelomocytes; the primary phenotype of cup-10 animals is an accumulation of secreted GFP in the pseudocoelom, suggesting a decrease in, or the absence of, endocytosis in coelomocytes
GO Terms  endocytosis (GO:0006897) ; cellular_component unknown (GO:0008372) ; molecular_function unknown (GO:0005554) ; inositol/phosphatidylinositol phosphatase activity (GO:0004437) ; phospholipid dephosphorylation (GO:0046839)
Location   V:3742991..3749614
RNAi Phenotypes No phenotypes observed.
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Adult Phenotypes  WT
RNAi Reagent Name & Type Cenix:168-d11 (PCR reagent)
Delivery Method  Injection
Remark  Wildtype results in all three tests.
Laboratory  TH
Date  2005-3-24
Reference  Sonnichsen B et al. (2005) Nature "Full-genome RNAi profiling of early embryogenesis in Caenorhabditis ...."
Adult Phenotypes  WT
RNAi Reagent Name & Type sjj_Y39H10A_225.e (PCR reagent)
Laboratory  JA
Date  2003-1-10
Reference  Kamath RS et al. (2003) Nature "Systemic functional analysis of the Caenorhabditis elegans genome using ...."
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