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Gene/ORF ZK1098.10 (unc-16) Ace View of ZK1098.10
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Description  unc-16 encodes a homolog of murine JIP3/JSAP and Drosophila SUNDAY DRIVER that is involved in vesicle transport, and that affects egg laying, locomotion, and defecation and physically interacts with JNK and JNK kinases; UNC-16 is expressed in neurons of the ventral cord, retrovesicular and preanal ganglia, the nerve ring, intestinal cells, seam and hypodermal cells, body wall and head muscle, and pharynx.
GO Terms  defecation (GO:0030421) ; locomotion (GO:0040011) ; oviposition (GO:0018991) ; synaptic vesicle transport (GO:0048489) ; axon (GO:0030424) ; kinase binding (GO:0019900) ; receptor signaling complex scaffold activity (GO:0030159)
Location   III:9545754..9556801
RNAi Phenotypes No phenotypes observed.
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Wild Type RNAi Experiments
TH:321D11 WT
JA:ZK1098.10 WT
Cenix:321-d11 WT
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