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Gene Inhibited  K06A5.7 (cdc-25.1)
Description of "K06A5.7"  cdc-25.1 encodes a CDC25 phosphatase homolog that affects embryonic viability, meiosis, mitosis, proliferation of the intestine (E cell lineage), and germ line proliferation; it is expressed in the developing germline, in the nuclei of oocytes, embryonic nuclei, nuclei of embryonic cortical membranes, and sperm pronuclei, and in the germline precursors Z2 and Z3.
KOG Annotation  M-phase inducer phosphatase
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Adult  Ste When hermaphrodite larvae ingested bacteria expressing cdc-25.1 dsRNA, the majority of the progeny failed to hatch. However, when the RNAi bacteria was diluted with bacteria that did not produce dsRNA, more embryos hatched and developed into sterile adults.
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Laboratory  AG
RNAi Reagent & Type  [cgc5294]:cdc-25.1 (cDNA_reagent)
Strain  N2
Reference  Ashcroft N et al. (2002) Genesis "CDC-25.1 regulates germline proliferation in Caenorhabditis elegans."
Delivery Method  Bacterial_feeding
Date  2002-2-02
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