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Gene Inhibited  B0464.7 (baf-1)
Description of "B0464.7"  baf-1 encodes a small, novel protein that is highly conserved amongst metazoa; BAF-1 binds double-stranded DNA nonspecifically in vitro and is essential for proper chromosome segregation, embryogenesis, and gonad development in vivo; biochemical and phenotypic analyses suggest that BAF-1 functions as an intramolecular bridge that mediates nuclear assembly and chromatin capture by the reforming nuclear envelope; by homology with mammalian BAF proteins, BAF-1 is also predicted to play a role in regulating gene expression and higher-order chromatin structure; during interphase, BAF-1 colocalizes with LMN-1/lamin to the nuclear envelope and nuclear interior; during mitosis, BAF-1 is present in a more punctate pattern, localizing near condensing chromatin and maintaining this localization through telophase; BAF-1 localization during nuclear assembly requires the activity of LMN-1/lamin, EMR-1/emerin, and LEM-2/MAN1.
KOG Annotation  DNA-bridging protein BAF
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Evidence for Inhibition 
ePCR Status: Unique_ePCR (III:9467174..9467682)
Transcript overlap: 275 nt
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Sliding Window Raw score: 233
Relative score: 1 (This gene has the best score for this RNAi reagent)
Specificity index: 1 (RNAi reagent is specific for this gene)
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Embryonic  Emb Penetrance None reported
Phenotype  WT_postembryonic_morphology
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Cenix:173-g2 Experiment Details Ace View
Laboratory  TH
RNAi Reagent & Type  Cenix:173-g2 (PCR_reagent)
Remark  early embryonic: No signficant defects.
Reference  Sonnichsen B et al. (2005) Nature "Full-genome RNAi profiling of early embryogenesis in Caenorhabditis ...."
Delivery Method  Injection
Date  2005-3-24
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