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Gene Inhibited  F18E2.3 (scc-3)
Description of "F18E2.3"  scc-3 encodes a cohesin complex subunit homologous to Saccharomyces cerevisiae Irr1p/Scc3p; SCC-3 is required during meiosis for synaptonemal complex formation and sister chromatid cohesion, proper localization of REC-8 to chromosomes, mitotic chromosome segregation, embryonic development, and vulval morphogenesis; in embryos, SCC-3 forms a cohesin complex with SCC-1, SMC-1, SMC-3, and TIM-1, a HEAT/Armadillo repeat-containing protein related to Drosophila TIMELESS; in the germline, SCC-3 associates with chromatin of transistion zone nuclei, assembles along the longitudinal axes of synapsed chromosomes at pachytene, and unlike other cohesins, localizes throughout chromatin at diakinesis; SCC-3 localization requires TIM-1, and SCC-3 and REC-8 are mutually required for chromatin localization.
KOG Annotation  Sister chromatid cohesion complex Cohesin, subunit STAG/IRR1/SCC3
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Sliding Window Raw score: 463
Relative score: 1 (This gene has the best score for this RNAi reagent)
Specificity index: 1 (RNAi reagent is specific for this gene)
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Embryonic  Emb Penetrance 80 - 100 %
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KK:SP_9B8 Experiment Details Ace View
Laboratory  KK
RNAi Reagent & Type  SP9B8 (cDNA_reagent)
Reference  Piano F et al. (2000) Current Biology "RNAi analysis of genes expressed in the ovary of Caenorhabditis ...."
Delivery Method  Injection
Date  2000-12-08
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