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Gene Inhibited  C25A1.7 (irs-2)
Description of "C25A1.7"  irs-2 encodes a predicted mitochondrial isoleucyl-tRNA synthetase (IleRS), a class I aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase that catalyzes the attachment of isoleucine to its cognate tRNA and is thus required for protein biosynthesis; loss of irs-2 activity via RNA-mediated interference (RNAi) does not result in any abnormalities, suggesting possible functional redundancy with irs-1.
KOG Annotation  Isoleucyl-tRNA synthetase
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Evidence for Inhibition 
ePCR Status: Unique_ePCR (I:10182476..10183627)
Transcript overlap: 1055 nt
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Sliding Window Raw score: 992
Relative score: 1 (This gene has the best score for this RNAi reagent)
Specificity index: 1 (RNAi reagent is specific for this gene)
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Larval  Gro
Simmer:C25A1.7:Screen_B Experiment Details Ace View
Laboratory  NL
RNAi Reagent & Type  sjj_C25A1.7 (PCR_reagent)
Strain  NL4256 rrf-3(pk1426)
Reference  Simmer F et al. (2003) PLoS Biology "Genome-wide RNAi of C. elegans using the hypersensitive rrf-3 strain reveals ...."
Date  2003-10-01
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