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Gene Inhibited  W09C5.2 (unc-59)
Description of "W09C5.2"  unc-59, by alternative splicing, encodes two septin isoforms required (like the septins UNC-61A/B) for normal axonal migration, distal tip cell migration, and postembryonic cytokinesis (at the cellular level) and for normal locomotion and formation of the postembryonic vulva, somatic gonad, and male tail (at the organismal level); both UNC-59 and UNC-61A/B are dispensable for embryonic cytokinesis and development, but are thought to be required for all postembryonic cytokinesis; UNC-59 and UNC-61A/B depend on each other for localization to the cytokinetic furrow.
KOG Annotation  Septin family protein (P-loop GTPase)
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ePCR Status: Unique_ePCR (I:13631635..13633333)
Transcript overlap: 917 nt
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Sliding Window Raw score: 854
Relative score: 1 (This gene has the best score for this RNAi reagent)
Specificity index: 1 (RNAi reagent is specific for this gene)
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Adult  Pvl
Phenotype  Unclassified Thin
Simmer:W09C5.2:Screen_A Experiment Details Ace View
Laboratory  NL
RNAi Reagent & Type  sjj_W09C5.2 (PCR_reagent)
Strain  NL4256 rrf-3(pk1426)
Reference  Simmer F et al. (2003) PLoS Biology "Genome-wide RNAi of C. elegans using the hypersensitive rrf-3 strain reveals ...."
Date  2003-10-01
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