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RNAi Experiment: TH:302A1 Ace View of TH:302A1
Genes Inhibited How is RNAi inhibition determined?
Gene Inhibited  T12A2.3
Evidence for Inhibition 
ePCR Status: Unique_ePCR (III:6240516..6241560)
Transcript overlap: 753 nt
Explain types of evidence for RNAi inhibition
Sliding Window Raw score: 711
Relative score: 1 (This gene has the best score for this RNAi reagent)
Specificity index: 0.854
Wormbase (BLAST) RNAi primary
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Gene Inhibited  Y70G10A.1
Evidence for Inhibition 
Sliding Window Raw score: 122
Relative score: 0.172 (Best raw score= for Gene )
Specificity index: 0.146
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TH:302A1 Phenotypes Help with Phenotypes
Phenotype  WTDIC phenotype -- Embryonic development normal
TH:302A1 Experiment Details Ace View
Laboratory  TH
RNAi Reagent & Type  TH:302A1 (PCR_reagent)
Reference  Gonczy P et al. (2000) Nature "Functional genomic analysis of cell division in C. elegans using RNAi of genes on ...."
Delivery Method  Injection
Date  2000-11-16
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