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Gene Inhibited  M05B5.5 (hlh-2)
Description of "M05B5.5"  hlh-2 encodes a Class I basic helix-loop-helix (bHLH) transcription factor that is the C. elegans ortholog of the mammalian E and Drosophila Daughterless transcriptional activators; HLH-2 activity is required for cell fate specifications occuring during embryonic and larval development that affect such processes as gonadogenesis, male tail formation, and programmed cell death; HLH-2 has been shown to dimerize with at least two C. elegans Acheate-scute homologs, LIN-32, a neural-specific protein with which it functions in male tail development and HLH-3, with which it is coexpressed in the nuclei of embryonic neuronal prescursors and with which it regulates the transcription of the EGL-1 cell death activator in the NSM sister cells; in gonadogenesis, HLH-2 is required for bestowing proAC competence on the cells that undergo the AC/VU (anchor cell/ventral uterine precursor) cell fate decision, for specification, differentiation, and function of the distal tip cell (DTC) and AC, including transcriptional regulation of the LAG-2 Delta-like ligand in the latter, and for formation of the uterine seam cell (utse); genetic analysis also suggests that HLH-2 functions with HLH-14, an additional Acaete-scute homolog, to specify the PVQ/HSN/PHB neuroblast cell lineage; HLH-2 is expressed in all nuclei of early embryos until the ~200-cell stage, when expression becomes increasingly restricted to neuronal cells and their immediate precursors; later expression is detected in, but not limited to, pharyngeal cells, anterior neurons, vulval and uterine muscles, the DTCs, the presumptive and mature AC, the Q neuroblast, and enteric muscles; comparative analysis of transcriptional and translational reporters indicates that hlh-2 is expressed in both the anchor cell and the ventral uterine (VU) precursor, but that expression in the latter is subject to post-transcriptional down-regulation; HLH-2 accumulation in the presumptive AC is the first detectable difference between the AC and VU precursors during the lateral specification event that distinguishes these two cell fates.
KOG Annotation  Helix loop helix transcription factor
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Phenotype  Unclassified
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Laboratory  GS
RNAi Reagent & Type  probe_1:M05B5 (Unknown_reagent_type)
Strain  N2
Remark  hlh-2(RNAi-L2) hermaphrodites have 2 ACs (anchor cells) and display a failure in formation of the uterine seam cell (utse).
Reference  Karp X et al. (2004) Developmental Biology "Multiple roles for the E/Daughterless ortholog HLH-2 during C. elegans ...."
Delivery Method  Bacterial_feeding
Date  2004-7-02
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