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RNAiDB Release 5

  • Website redesign.
  • RNAi data from WormBase WS150 incorporated.
  • PhenoBlast extended to new datasets.
  • New search by location.
  • Links to N-Browse graphical interaction browser.

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RNAiDB provides access to results from RNAi interference studies in C. elegans , including images, movies, phenotypes, and graphical maps (see About RNAiDB ). If you would like to have your RNAi experiments included in this resource please contact us!

Basic Search Help with Basic Search

Search for genes/proteins, RNAi experiments, phenotypes, functional annotations (GO terms), RNAi reagents (PCR products or cDNA clones), or movie objects.

Select an object type from the list below, then enter a keyword in the textbox:
Examples: Gene = AH6.5 ; RNAi Experiment = PF:GL1* ;PCR_product = *ah6.5 ; Phenotype= *cytokinesis* (Note: '*' is a wildcard that matches anything.)


Quick phenotype search Help with Phenotype Search

Select specific phenotypes or phenotypic classes from the drop-down menus. Optionally select from multiple menus to limit the search further (using 'AND').

(To search based on more specific combinations of phenotypes, try the Simple  or Advanced  Phenotype Search options.)


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