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CDS: C06G4.2a   

Structure Source_exons (14)
DB_info (3)
Origin (2)
Properties Coding CDS
IsoformAccession_evidenceEMBL BJ124914
Visible GeneC06G4.2
Corresponding_transcript (2)
Corresponding_PCR_product (8)
Matching_cDNA yk1317a01.5 Inferred_automaticallytranscript_builder.pl
yk1110g05.5 Inferred_automaticallytranscript_builder.pl
yk11f10.5 Inferred_automaticallytranscript_builder.pl
yk1099f01.5 Inferred_automaticallytranscript_builder.pl
WB_RNAi_result (10)
GO_term (5)
Variation (5)
Microarray_results (7)
Remark added new last intron and exon based on EST data - 01-05-07 js
added the first two exons and exon 12 based on EST data - 02-04-01 js
SL1 trans-spliced; see yk1317a01.5
yk1322d11.3 indicates there is an intron in the 3' UTR but the splices sites are very unusual - 02-04-01 js
removed an internal exon based on EST data(yk1317a01.3)[20041110 po]
this isoform is based on EMBL accession BJ124914