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CDS: F26F12.7   

Structure Source_exons (7)
DB_info Database TREMBL Q19815_CAEEL
TrEMBL_AC Q19815
NDB GI_number 3294508
Protein_idF26F12 AAC258941
DB_remarkC. elegans LET-418 protein; contains similarity to Pfam domains PF00271 (Helicase conserved C-terminal domain), PF00628 (PHD-finger)(2), PF06461 (Domain of Unknown Function (DUF1086)), PF04851 (Type III restriction enzyme, res subunit), PF00385 ('chromo' (CHRromatin Organisation MOdifier) domain), PF00176 (SNF2 family N-terminal domain), PF06465 (Domain of Unknown Function (DUF1087))contains similarity to Interpro domains IPR009463 (Protein of unknown function DUF1087), IPR011545 (DEAD/DEAH box helicase, N-terminal), IPR001841 (Zinc finger, RING-type), IPR001965 (Zinc finger, PHD-type), IPR000953 (Chromo), IPR000330 (SNF2-related), IPR002464 (ATP-dependent helicase, DEAH-box), IPR009462 (Protein of unknown function DUF1086), IPR012958 (CHD, N-terminal), IPR001650 (Helicase, C-terminal), IPR012957 (CHD, C-terminal 2)
Origin From_laboratoryRW
SpeciesCaenorhabditis elegans
Properties Coding CDS
Visible (12)