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Gene: F48E8.1   

Identity (5)
Gene_info Gene_classlon
Allele (14)
Phenotype See also n1130
[C.elegansII] e185 : about 50% longer than wildtype at all stages, markedly tapering tail and head; low penetrance tendency to form constriction behind head, may result in auto-decapitation. Eggs elongated.ES3. Male bursa elongated ME0. OA5: e43, e1820, n1130 etc. (some have stronger Lon phenotype than e185, all show some decapitation). [Brenner 1974; MT]
Strain (18)
GO_termGO:0005576 IEA Inferred_automatically
Structured_description Provisional_description (6)
Concise_descriptionThe lon-1 gene encodes a protein belonging to the PR-protein superfamily that is a target of DBL-1 (TGF-beta) signaling, and that regulates polyploidization and body length.
Molecular_info Corresponding_CDS (3)
Corresponding_protein (3)
Corresponding_PCR_product smd_F48E8.1
Corresponding_RNAi_reagent (6)
Experimental_info (6)
Reference (63)
RemarkSequence connection from [Morita Y, Leroi AM, Ueno N], 02/06/11 krb.