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RNAi: TH:312c9   

Experiment LaboratoryTH
Author Gonczy P
Echeverri C
Oegema K
Coulson AR
Jones SJ
Copley RR
Duperon J
Oegema J
Brehm M
Cassin E
Hannak E
Kirkham M
Pichler SC
Flohrs K
Go essen A
Leidel S
Alleaume AM
Martin C
Ozlu N
Bork P
Hyman AA
Date16 Nov 2000 00:00:00
Inhibits (6)
Remark Phenotype comment -- Confirmed with independent dsRNAs (K06H7.5-RNA2 and K06H7.5-RNA3; similar phenotype. In addition, confirmed by dsRNAs K06H7.6-RNA1 and K06H7.6-RNA2, which target presumably the same gene (see gene comments).
DIC phenotype -- Male and female pronuclei do not become visible; embryos seem arrested during meiotic divisions.
DIC phenotype comment -- Staining of fixed embryos with DNA dye shows that fertilization took place, and suggests that embryos are arrested during meiotic divisions.
All embryos dead
Results PhenotypeEmb
Phenotype_summary (7)