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Note: phenotypes labeled "(Char: XXX)" are characters in phenotypic signature XXX (see PhenoBlast Help for more information).

Early Embryonic

AB aster resembles P1 aster (Char: Piano_EE:40)
Osmotic sensitivity (Char: Cenix_EE:2)
AB nuclear migration abnormal (Char: Cenix_EE:24)
Osmotically/ pressure sensitive (Char: Piano_EE:3)
AB or P1 spindle orientation aberrant
Other (Char: Cenix_EE:45)
AB spindle orientation abnormal (Char: Cenix_EE:30)
Overall pace of events slow (Char: Cenix_EE:42)
ABa, ABp and EMS divide synchronously (Char: Piano_EE:42)
P0 cortical ruffling abnormal (Char: Cenix_EE:3)
Aberrant AB or P1 spindle orientation (Char: Piano_EE:37)
P0 cytokinesis: completion/stability abnormal (Char: Cenix_EE:22)
Aberrant cell-cell contacts at the four-cell stage (Char: Piano_EE:41)
P0 cytokinesis: furrow ingression abnormal (Char: Cenix_EE:21)
Aberrant Cytoplasmic Structures
P0 cytokinesis: furrow specification abnormal (Char: Cenix_EE:20)
Aberrant nuclear reassembly (Char: Piano_EE:33)
P0 cytoplasmic flows reduced/absent (Char: Cenix_EE:4)
Abnormal blebbing
P0 pronuclear centration absent (Char: Cenix_EE:11)
Abnormal one-cell shape (Char: Piano_EE:11)
P0 pronuclear envelope breakdown delayed (Char: Cenix_EE:13)
Abnormal pronuclei
P0 pronuclear meeting position abnormal (Char: Cenix_EE:10)
Abnormal size of pronucleus (Char: Piano_EE:20)
P0 pronuclear migration reduced/absent (female) (Char: Cenix_EE:8)
P0 pronuclear migration reduced/absent (male) (Char: Cenix_EE:9)
Altered cell-cell contacts
P0 pronuclear rotation (Char: Cenix_EE:12)
Altered timing of second division
P0 pronuclei: number abnormal (Char: Cenix_EE:7)
Altered timing of second division (synchrony)
P0 pronuclei: size/shape abnormal (Char: Cenix_EE:6)
Areas devoid of yolk granules (Char: Cenix_EE:39)
P0 pseudo-cleavage furrow abnormal (Char: Cenix_EE:5)
Asymmetry of Division abnormal
P0 spindle absent (Char: Piano_EE:27)
Catastrophic one-cell arrest (Char: Piano_EE:5)
P0 spindle assembly: bipolarity abnormal (Char: Cenix_EE:14)
Centrosome Attachment abnormal
P0 spindle does not rotate (Char: Piano_EE:28)
Chromosome Segregation (karyomeres) abnormal
P0 spindle elongation abnormal (Char: Cenix_EE:16)
Complex Phenotype
P0 spindle integrity abnormal (Char: Cenix_EE:15)
Cortical Dynamics abnormal
P0 spindle poles abnormal (Char: Cenix_EE:19)
P0 spindle positioning defect (Char: Piano_EE:26)
P0 spindle positioning problems
Cytokinesis defect (Char: Piano_EE:31)
P0 spindle positioning problems (posterior)
Cytokinesis problems
P0 spindle positioning: asymmetry abnormal (Char: Cenix_EE:18)
Delayed at pronuclear contact (Char: Piano_EE:14)
P0 spindle rocking abnormal (Char: Cenix_EE:17)
Delayed P0 spindle rotation (Char: Piano_EE:29)
P1 aster abnormal (Char: Piano_EE:39)
Delayed P1 division
P1 nuclear migration/rotation absent/reduced (Char: Cenix_EE:28)
Division axis of ABa or ABp aberrant (Char: Piano_EE:38)
P1/AB asynchrony of divisions abnormal (Char: Cenix_EE:31)
Dramatic cytoplasmic blebbing
P1/AB cortical activity exaggerated (Char: Cenix_EE:25)
Ectopic cleavage furrows (Char: Piano_EE:8)
P1/AB cytokinesis abnormal (Char: Cenix_EE:32)
Ectopic furrows
P1/AB nuclear separation: cross-eyed (Char: Cenix_EE:23)
Egg shape/size abnormal (Char: Cenix_EE:1)
P1/AB nuclei: number abnormal (Char: Cenix_EE:26)
Egg Size abnormal
P1/AB nuclei: size/shape abnormal (Char: Cenix_EE:27)
Embryos arrest at different stages
P1/AB spindle assembly abnormal (Char: Cenix_EE:29)
EMS divides after and is smaller than P2 (Char: Piano_EE:43)
P2 and EMS divide synchronously (Char: Piano_EE:44)
EMS divides before and is smaller than P1
Pace of P-Lineage abnormal
EMS extends too far anteriorly (Char: Piano_EE:47)
Passage Through Meiosis defective
EMS fails to extend anteriorly (Char: Piano_EE:46)
Paternal pronucleus migrates (Char: Piano_EE:22)
Entry Into Interphase abnormal
Exaggerated asynchrony (Char: Piano_EE:34)
Exaggerated pseudocleavage (Char: Piano_EE:13)
Polar bodies abnormal (Char: Piano_EE:15)
Excessive blebbing (Char: Piano_EE:7)
Polar body reabsorbed (Char: Piano_EE:16)
Failure to form pronucleus (Char: Piano_EE:21)
Four-cell stage configuration abnormal (Char: Cenix_EE:35)
Pronuclear breakdown asynchronous (Char: Piano_EE:23)
Four-cell stage nuclei: size/shape abnormal (Char: Cenix_EE:34)
Pronuclear migration defects
Four-cell stage: cross-eyed (Char: Cenix_EE:33)
Pronuclear/Nuclear Appearance abnormal
Granular cytoplasm
Pronuclei can meet centrally
Inadequate test (Char: Cenix_EE:46)
Pronuclei fail to migrate (Char: Piano_EE:24)
Indistinct maternal pronucleus (Char: Piano_EE:17)
Pronuclei meet more centrally (Char: Piano_EE:25)
Integrity of Membranous Organelles defective
Pseudocleavage absent (Char: Piano_EE:12)
Large cytoplasmic granules (Char: Piano_EE:6)
Pseudocleavage problems
Loose mitotic furrow (Char: Piano_EE:30)
Reversed asynchrony (Char: Piano_EE:35)
Loose spindle
Severe Pleiotropic Defects
Meiotic arrest (Char: Cenix_EE:44)
Sister Chromatid Separation abnormal (Cross-eyed)
Slow cell cycle (Char: Piano_EE:10)
Multiple cavities (Char: Piano_EE:9)
Small embryos (Char: Piano_EE:4)
Multiple maternal pronuclei (Char: Piano_EE:18)
Multiple nuclei
Multiple nuclei in 1, 2, or 4-cell embryos (Char: Piano_EE:32)
Spindle Assembly abnormal
Multiple paternal pronuclei or aberrant centrosomes (Char: Piano_EE:19)
Spindle Elongation/Integrity abnormal
Multiple vacuoles
Spindle positioning problems
Nuclear Appearance abnormal
Synchronous second division (Char: Piano_EE:36)
Nuclei reform next to cell division remnant (Char: Piano_EE:45)
Tetrapolar spindle (Char: Cenix_EE:36)
Number/age of embryos atypical (Char: Cenix_EE:43)
Unclear: multinucleate (Char: Cenix_EE:41)
Yolk granules: density reduced (Char: Cenix_EE:37)
Yolk granules: size abnormal (Char: Cenix_EE:38)
Osmotic Integrity defective


Emb (Char: GrossPheno:8)
embryonic defect
Etv (Char: GrossPheno:9)
Sle (Char: GrossPheno:30)
Led (Char: GrossPheno:15)


Larval Lethal-Late (L3/L4)
Gro (Char: GrossPheno:12)
Let (Char: GrossPheno:16)
Larval Arrest-Early (L1/L2)
Lva (Char: GrossPheno:18)
Larval Arrest-Late (L3/L4)
Lvl (Char: GrossPheno:19)
Larval Lethal-Early (L1/L2)
Mlt (Char: GrossPheno:21)


Adl (Char: GrossPheno:1)
Bmd (Char: GrossPheno:4)
Pvl (Char: GrossPheno:25)
Clr (Char: GrossPheno:5)
Reduced fecundity of injected worm (Char: Piano_EE:2)
Dpy (Char: GrossPheno:6)
Rup (Char: GrossPheno:28)
Egg production ceases in injected animal
Sck (Char: GrossPheno:29)
Egl (Char: GrossPheno:7)
Sma (Char: GrossPheno:32)
Gon (Char: GrossPheno:11)
Ste (Char: GrossPheno:33)
Him (Char: GrossPheno:13)
Sterile F0/Fertility Problems
Lon (Char: GrossPheno:17)
Sterile F1
Muv (Char: GrossPheno:22)
Sterility/Impaired Fertility in F0
No developing embryos seen 48 hours after dsRNA injection (Char: Piano_EE:1)
Stp (Char: GrossPheno:34)
no escapers
Unc (Char: GrossPheno:36)
Unfertilized oocytes laid

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