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an interactive graphical browser for molecular interaction networks

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Node & Edge Data

Node & Edge Data contains two main sections, which can be opened by selecting the corresponding tab:
1. Node Info – provides a brief description and some useful links about a particular gene in the graph.
2. Edge Info – provides gene interaction information information, along with dataset information.
3. GO Term – Displays the Gene Ontology DAG (directed acyclic graph) and highlights terms for gene(s) in the current graph.

Node Info (TOP)
Displays a variety of information about the current node (gene), including the anchored/unanchored state for layout calculations.  It is selected in the Graph Display Panel by mouse-over. Information for genes may include systematic and common names, description, GO terms, phenotypes, etc. Links to useful external sites are also provided for each species. Node info is triggered by mousing over nodes.

Info Panel image

Edge Info (TOP)
Displays a variety of information about the current edge (gene interaction).  The edge itself is selected in the Graph Display Panel by mouse-over.  Left clicking on the edge will display the edge information. Information for gene interactions may include common names for interacting genes, interaction type, datasets, and dataset cutoff values.

Info Panel image

GO Term (TOP)
Displays the GO "tree", or DAG. Clicking on a specific GO term in this panel will highlight any nodes in the graph that are annotated with that term.  Clicking "Show Selection"  all GO terms associated with the selected set of genes will then be highlighted in the DAG. Selecting "Show on Web" will open a web window that displays the GO terms associated with those genes in a graphical hierarchy(QuickGO).

go image